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UK motorists are on alert following the successful trial of advanced speed cameras in Navarra, Spain.

The new cameras were developed by road safety experts Road Angel. They employ anti-breaking radars and “cascading” technology to accurately gauge a vehicle’s speed over a significant distance, catching drivers slowing down on approach. 

Due to the expanded field of view, the upgraded camera is able to catch not only drivers hitting the brakes before reaching it but also those who speed up after passing. 

These advancements are under consideration to help with the UK’s ongoing speeding issues. Road Angel says that speeding is responsible for one in four fatal collisions, leading to more than 2,500 serious injuries each year.

Gary Digva, the founder of Road Angel, states: “Although the fight goes on to reduce incidences of speeding on UK roads and accidents resulting from excess speed we believe introducing this new technology to the UK will help keep roads safer.”

This new technology could result in strict penalties for those who exceed speed limits, ultimately leading to safer roads. It follows a string of new safety initiatives designed to prevent drivers from evading penalties, such as those using laser systems and “doppler effect technology.”

In response to these developments, an AA spokesperson issued a word of caution, noting the evolution of speed camera technology: “While older speed cameras could’ve been ‘tricked,’ more advanced cameras now use multiple sets of cameras at each point to track all lanes and compare average speeds.”

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