Indoor Warehouse (2)Why are indoor floor markings important?

As well as road markings, we are also experts in indoor markings including warehouses, sports halls and indoor parking.

Indoor markings are to ensure a safer working environment as well as a better way to streamline facilities that run smoothly and effectively in your warehouse. This can involve internal walkways, equipment parking lines and more, please click here for more information on our services for Warehouse Markings.

In a sports hall, the lines have strict dimensions to link with the Sport England guidelines, and failure to do so means that the venue may be unable to host future tournaments. As well as this, the lines will go through excessive wear and Anglo Liners, with our vast experience in this field, only use materials that are approved by the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) as well as tailoring to bespoke solutions to suit the given area. Please click here to see more information about sports hall markings.

Why choose Angloliners?

All of our indoor marking services are both Construction-line Certified company, ID 153581, and CHAS Accredited ensuring that we comply to a range of strict guidelines as set by the UK Government Certification service. We aim to make the indoor parking to your specific needs from standard parking bays, to mother and baby parking bays and more. It doesn’t need to be outside to be a great car park.

Our experts can work with you to maximise your needs to fit the location, ensuring we maximise the space to its fullest potential, also ensuring the correct products be applied to varied surfaces.

Our Indoor Marking Services

We provide a range of indoor marking services which include:

The Indoor Marking Experts

At Anglo Liners we believe we are one of the most versatile indoor marking companies in the country, and our commitment to a full nationwide coverage including major cities like LondonBirmingham and Manchester ensures we are the indoor marking company of choice.

By offering our indoor marking services around the clock, we can make sure that your business suffers the least disruption, and we can work to the tightest schedules to ensure that we can always meet your deadlines.

Examples of our work include:

To find out more on our indoor marking services call us on 01709 709082