At Anglo Liners, we primarily use Thermoplastic road paint, which is particularly hard-wearing and durable and complies with a series of stringentn tests and performance standards.

We can also use other materials, including epoxy and chlorinated rubber paint, for environments where Thermoplastic road markings may not be the best option, such as factories and warehouses.

Benefits of Thermoplastic road markings

Thermoplastic road marking provide safer driving at night because of spherical shape fine glass beads, which gives retro-reflectivity and minimises the road accidents where cold road marking paints are normally invisible at night.

Common use for Thermoplastic

  • New highway markings
  • Highway utility reinstatements
  • Car parks
  • Footpaths & cycle paths
  • Airports

Types of Thermoplastic markings

  • The certified Thermoplastic road marking material ViaTherm® is useable for normal, special and structural markings on trafficked roads, ViaTherm can be used for both agglomerate markings and flat line marking and can be extruded, sprayed or manually applied
  • The preformed Thermoplastic road marking PREMARK is for city markings, smaller road marking jobs, horizontal road signs and symbols, and special markings. The preformed Thermoplastic is easily applied all year round with a broom and a gas burner

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