Give Way Junctions (3)White line markings are one of our most sought-after projects. Whether it is to separate parking bays in a supermarket or lane marking a new section of road, we use a range of solutions including Thermoplastic screed to deliver high-quality road marking services to our much-valued customers across the UK.

Line markings are seen all over the country, from your local road markings to pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes. They provide a useful function in an innumerable range of circumstances, so it’s no surprise they are one of our most-requested services.

White Line Marking Services Include:

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced technicians works throughout the UK. Our team use the most innovative equipment, high-quality products and materials to ensure a finished result which reflects your specifications. Our white lining services are guaranteed to provide years of satisfaction, standing up to the rigours of the road.

Why choose Angloliners?

Our marking team have the knowledge and experience to undertake professional line marking on public roads, including the marking of bus lanes, cycle lanes and pedestrian routes.

With white lines being heavily used on a daily basis, we believe it to be important that a long-lasting material is used, which can handle the wear and tear of daily life on the road. This will ensure your road markings live up to your specifications and standards.

Thermoplastic screed is the ideal product to use for road markings as it dries on contact and meets the performance requirements of BS EN 1436. As a result, it reduces the level of disruption caused by road marking maintenance and is available in a range of reflective and non-reflective colours.

White line markings are perfect for a multitude of applications; they can be used to delineate traffic lanes, inform motorists and pedestrians of road layouts and hazards, as well as outline sports courts and pitches.

See just a few examples of our finished work below:


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