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The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has launched a guidance document to help local highway authorities understand the carbon savings made from different road surface treatments.

The “Carbon Emissions for Road Surface and other Maintenance Treatments Report and Guidance” document was published on the 13th of April at the RSTA’s annual conference held in Celtic Manor, Wales. 

It was developed to aid highway asset managers and other decision makers in planning future road maintenance. It also helps authorities to demonstrate the carbon savings made by using whole life carbon and cost lifecycle asset management. 

The RSTA guidance is the first time all major road surface treatments, including conventional asphalts, have been calculated and compared in accordance with the international standards. Included are the A1 – A3, A4, A5 and the total C02e emissions for each treatment, with sample comparisons for schemes using different materials and methods. 

The carbon guidance provided allows direct comparisons across different materials and methods for road surface treatment. It will allow highway authorities to improve the reduction of carbon and costs in future highway asset management, becoming a valuable resource within the industry. 

The document has been produced by PYE-Management Ltd on behalf of the RSTA. The report contains information on the carbon calculations for each surface treatment, including asphalt preservation, geosynthetics, ironworks, in-situ recycling, rejuvenation, retexturing, slurry micro surfacing, spray injection patching, and surface dressing. 

Paul Boss, chief executive of RSTA, said: “This is game-changing guidance for local authorities that will enable them to understand exactly what carbon they are saving by using different surface treatments. This means they can not only plan more effectively with their forward maintenance programmes but finally have clarity around the carbon and financial savings they are making.”

The full guidance can be viewed for free on the RSTA website. 

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