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Popular opticians, Specsavers has teamed up with the road safety charity – Brake to raise awareness about driver safety in the UK. 

Specsavers, the nationwide company specialises in glasses, contact lenses and eye health, and continuously state the importance of getting your eyes regularly tested every two years to ensure your prescription is right for you. 

Because our vision deteriorates slowly, it is sometimes difficult to detect changes in our vision, which can increasingly affect reaction time and perception when driving. That’s why both of the brands aim to draw attention to the importance of vision, as well as other factors that can heavily affect and impact on driving safely. 

The two companies are working together for Road Safety Week, taking place from the 18th to the 24th of November 2019, with the specialised campaign crafted to catch the UK’s attention and tackle multiple issues around road safety.

Co-founder of Specsavers, Dame Mary Perkins, said: “We are proud to support Road Safety Week this year and want to encourage everyone to commit to stepping up for safe streets. Good eyesight is essential for the safety of everyone on the roads, but we know that around one in four people don’t have regular eye tests.”

The support that Brake has received from Specsavers, along with funding from the Department of Transport will be used to produce resources, which organisations can use for free to raise awareness around driving safety. In past campaigns, the road safety charity has put emphasis on motorists who drive for a living, encouraging these companies to be aware of the health and safety requirements for their employees, and the importance of vision.

The upcoming collaborative campaign aims to encourage schools, motorists and companies to “Step Up for Safe Streets”. Additionally, the funding involved will provide free resources for organisations, who can then host events raising awareness on sight and road safety; consequently creating positive change within their communities.

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns for Brake, said: “Road Safety Week provides a unique opportunity, every year, to focus the public, organisations’ and policy-makers’ attention on the vital issue of road safety. We are absolutely delighted to have Specsavers on board with us this year, and their support will be invaluable in helping us to encourage everyone to do their bit for road safety and Step up for Safe Streets.”

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