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Autotalks has developed a new technology which has the potential to drastically improve road safety in the UK, by installing a computer system that allows vehicles to share information and ‘talk’ to one another.

If a car has V2V, a vehicle-to-vehicle communication connection, it can share information about its location, acceleration, speed and even its path prediction with other vehicles that have the system. This allows it to alert the driver to any hazards they might encounter, giving them plenty of time to react before an accident could occur. All vehicles with the technology in the area will be able to receive this information and analyse the risk.

Autotalks is aiming to develop their technology further in the future, so V2V can navigate complex situations like roundabouts and intersections, helping to improve the flow of traffic and reduce jams. The company also hopes to enable the system to interact with cars which don’t have the V2V technology installed.

Yaniv Sulkes, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Autotalks, stated: “In the USA and other parts of the world, if you’re healthy, then the thing that is most likely to kill you is a car. If you’re a motorcyclist, the chances are even higher.

“Our eyes are brilliant, they are as good as any camera, but we might take our eyes off the road or lose concentration and this is where chipsets can help. Communication tools don’t need line of sight – if they detect a hazard, they can give you enough time to take the right course of action, in confidence.”

This technology currently costs $100 or £75 to install in a vehicle, making it a realistic and cost-effective way of improving the UK’s road safety in the future.

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