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Road safety experts are urging motorists to drive their own vehicles like they would a company car, as many don’t follow the same practices and safety laws when behind the wheel of their own car.

If a motorist is driving a company vehicle, they are obligated to abide by the highway code and, more importantly, driving laws. However, the same goes for anyone driving any vehicle, yet the attitude towards driving a company car and driving a personal vehicle seem to vary drastically, according to road safety experts.

Many drivers are more cautious in a company car; firstly, because it is not their vehicle, but secondly because they are often monitored for speeding and drivers are at risk of losing their jobs if using their phone while driving, exceeding speed limits or disobeying other road safety laws.

This question really is, shouldn’t we be considering road safety at all times, not just when we are in a company car? Is it only because drivers using their own cars get away with breaking road safety laws so often, that they rebel.

Road safety expert, David J Greer, Chief Executive of Serco Middle East, raised this issue at a road safety event organised by his company. He discussed the “struggle” when it comes to drivers who choose not to operate in the same way as when they use a company car.

Dating back to 2015, staff at Mr Greer’s company were involved in two major minibus accidents. These horrific incidents encouraged Mr Greer to place more importance on road safety and ever since these tragedies, he has clamped down on road safety, campaigning to ensure better measures are taken on UK roads.

Mr Greer notes that it’s essential drivers consider road safety at all times, not just when they are using a company car that is closely monitored.

Mr Greer said: “The attitude and behaviour of road users has to change… Travelling by road is still the most dangerous way to travel. Although not everyone gets it yet.

“At the weekend, when [drivers] have the most important aspects of their lives in the car, their wives and families, they are throwing that to the wind.

“It is dreadful to think that so many young lives are being ruined by tragedies on the road.”