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New statistics have revealed that the number of cyclists in the South has risen to its highest figure for up to three years. This dramatic increase in cyclists taking to the road has lead to increased worries for cyclist safety.

Surprisingly, in 2016, there were 516 million miles pedalled in the South East of England, which then rose even higher to 547 million miles one year later, in 2017. As recent as last year (2018), 559 million miles were pedalled, showing a further increase in cycling in the UK.

It was also reported 8.6% of Londonders commute via cycling at least once a week, though further improvements still need to be made to available cycle lanes, as well as further awareness for motorists travelling alongside these vulnerable road users.

Amidst new survey findings, it was reported that cycling has become “too dangerous” for 48% of UK bikers, according to NimbleFins. However, this has decreased from 2016, when The British Social Attitudes Survey on ‘Public Attitudes to Transport’ found that 61% of survey respondents felt it was not safe enough to cycle on the roads.

Yet, new reports do actually state that the introduction and improvement of cycle lanes minimises cyclist deaths, as well as motorists, too. This is because motorists are more aware of their surroundings from the designed cyclist infrastructure, causing them to slow down and pay more attention to road safety. However, big improvements are still needed in order to enhance UK safety for cyclists.

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