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The installation of new digital road signs across the UK has begun, with the first signs now in place on the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge. It is expected that the signs will help improve road safety and provide a better user experience for drivers, compared to older digital signage.

The new signs, which have been developed by Highways England, Costain and traffic technology group SWARCO, provide real-time travel updates and are fitted with high-resolution digital displays, which remain visible during severe weather conditions. The displays can show clear and easily readable messages and graphics, as well as live video feeds of traffic conditions, helping drivers to stay safe during their journey. 

As well as safety, the new signs have also been designed with efficiency in mind, using fewer materials and cables than previous versions. It is hoped that this will help to reduce installation and maintenance costs, while also lowering the amount of time that maintenance engineers will need to spend by the roadside when working on the signs.

Jeremy Crowling, Vice President of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for the UK and APMEA at SWARCO, said that more low power, sustainable technologies make roads safer overall: “This (technology) results in highly legible, environmentally friendly road signs which also minimise maintenance time and costs.”

The installation of the signs will continue throughout 2019 and 2020, with the M1, M20 and M23 all set to be equipped with these safety posts over the next year.

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