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A new funding programme has been launched by the Road Safety Trust to help UK authorities improve road safety in their local area.

Community groups, charities and local authorities have been invited to apply for a share of the fund, which has a total value of £120k. Successful applicants will receive between £10k and £30k to spend on individual projects, each of which must have a practical purpose and involve trialling and testing ways to improve road safety.

Today, the Road Safety Trust is the UK’s largest road safety grant giver, having awarded £2.7 million to 35 road safety projects since its launch in 2014. This new fund allows the trust to continue supporting road safety research and initiatives across the country.

Sally Lines, the Road Safety Trust’s Chief Executive, hopes that the fund will help contribute to their overall goal of zero deaths and injuries on our roads: “We are working towards a vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on UK roads. We want to make the roads safer for all users. By adding the option to apply for small grants in addition to our more extensive funding options, we hope to open up opportunities to greater numbers of organisations working in road safety.

“The programme was designed after reviewing our first four years of funding and listening to the views of stakeholders. We identified a need for funding for smaller, local projects with a practical focus. We are looking for measurable interventions that reflect local priorities and show a proposed link to reducing casualties either directly or through clear interim measures.”

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