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This week (18th-24th November) is annual Road Safety Week, with charities and campaigners up and down the country pushing for safer roads.

To mark the event and to emphasise the dangers of the road, road safety charity Brake has launched its ‘Step Up for Safe Streets’ campaign by publishing the results of their latest road safety survey. 

Shockingly, the survey of 2,000 people found that one in three adults in the UK (which equates to approximately 15 million people) and over half of young adults have experienced a collision or near-miss with a vehicle on a UK road in the past year.

Joshua Harris, Brake’s director of campaigns, says that this is a level of risk which travellers shouldn’t have to accept: “These findings paint an alarming picture of the danger on our roads and yet it’s what we’re all exposed to, every day when getting about.

“Across the country, people are working tirelessly to campaign for safe streets, organising petitions, meeting with MPs and councillors and raising money and awareness. This Road Safety Week we want everyone to think about how they can do their bit and step up for safe streets.”

The charity is also marking the week by sharing inspiring stories of individual campaigners who are pressing to improve road safety. Sharron Huddlestone, whose 18-year-old daughter was killed in a car crash in 2019, is campaigning with Brake to improve young driver safety, whereas Louise Grainger is pressing for safer crossings outside of schools.

Similarly, the charity’s partners have been doing their bit to help improve road safety this week, with Kwik Fit offering free vehicle safety checks and Specsavers touring a VR driving experience which encourages motorists to ensure their eyesight is good enough to drive.

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