Traffic queues on the M6 motorway

New legislation released to improve UK infrastructure

The Infrastructure Bill, which is designed to encourage investment in Britain’s infrastructure was released on the 5th June.
It will help create stable long term funding for work on the country’s major road network ensuring smoother, quicker and quieter journeys and make it easier to sell surplus and redundant public sector …Read More

Transparency needed for better road maintenance

The National Audit Office (NAO) has warned that reforms to the Highways Agency will not be enough to stop the unpredictability of funding for road maintenance.
Funding pressures on highways authorities have encouraged efficiency and innovation in how budgets for road maintenance are spent, but public value will be lost unless …Read More

Local authorities fail on road markings

Local authorities stand accused of putting road safety at risk by failing to maintain the most cost-effective safety tool “ the humble road marking.
Half of all road markings on England’s local authority controlled are so worn that they need replacing immediately or need to be scheduled for a replacement now, …Read More

Motorist clocked at 149mph on M25

A motorist on the M25 at Swanley was clocked speeding at 149mph the highest speed recorded by a speed camera in England and Wales between April 2013 and May 2014.
The 149mph figure was revealed following freedom of information requests to 39 police authorities by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists).
Eighty-five …Read More

car tailgating

6 in 10 drivers admit to tailgating

Six in 10 UK drivers own up to risky tailgating (57%) and a similar proportion break the limit by 10mph or more (60%) on motorways and 70mph dual carriageways, a survey by Brake and Direct Line reveals.
Almost all drivers say they worry about other drivers tailgating on motorways: 95% are …Read More

Thank you road sign

Road works to be lifted ahead of bank holiday

The Highways Agency is lifting the majority of its roadworks ahead of the bank holiday weekend.
The Agency will be clearing 75% of its roadworks to help minimise congestion and smooth journeys over the bank holiday weekend. 180 miles of roadworks will be completed by Friday 23 May and 145 miles …Read More

Wales to receive £15.4m to help improve transport

Transport Minister Edwina Hart has announced £15.4 million funding for 41 capital projects across Wales to improve public transport, roads and walking and cycling facilities.
The money has been allocated from the Local Transport Fund to projects that will help deliver economic benefits and promote cycling and walking through the development …Read More

Star shaped road markings in Dagenham

The 12-point star, at the junction of Gale Street, Rugby Road and Ivy House Road, is part of a community project designed to improve the local area.
The organisers believe the unique road marking will slow down traffic, saying: “This creates a very different environment for drivers which is already dramatically …Read More