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The Welsh Government is working with police forces to educate motorists ahead of the new 20mph speed limit.

Wales is the first UK nation to introduce a default 20mph speed limit on restricted roads, which will come into effect on the 17th of September. Authorities say drivers will be given time to adjust, even though speeding remains a criminal offence.

To help motorists prepare for this change, the Welsh Government is working with the police to educate all road users. The fire service, local authorities, and GoSafe (the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership) have also teamed up to help, along with other community groups.

Motorists caught breaking the 20mph limit will be stopped by the involved parties, and offered the opportunity to watch an educational video instead of receiving a fine. The video warns drivers about the dangers of speeding and highlights the safety benefits of slower speeds. However, it is only offered to motorists that are not hugely exceeding the limit.

Leanne Brustad, Gwent Police superintendent, said: “Engagement, education, and enforcement play a huge part in the rollout. We will continue to work closely with our partners to educate drivers as much as possible as the new speed limit comes into force and help deliver all of the benefits of this policy.”

Richie Smart, group manager of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Our firefighters see the devastating impacts that road traffic collisions can have, especially those in built-up areas where people and vehicles mix closely.

“We are therefore pleased to support our partners to raise awareness of the importance of speed limits to keep everyone safe.”

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