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New driving regulations are set to hit the roads in the new year, with many intended to improve road safety in the UK.

Among new changes, drivers will see alterations to the Highway Code, fines for minor offences, clean air zones, pavement parking restrictions and a shuffle in road priority. All of which are designed to improve the way we get from A to B.

New restrictions on handling mobile devices while driving has caught the interest of the public eye. Currently, drivers are evading fines and prosecution for using a mobile device while driving via loopholes, which lawmakers are hoping to soon close. 

From early 2022, a new law will be introduced that makes the use of any handheld device illegal when behind the wheel in nearly all situations, with the exception of emergencies. Culprits will receive a £200 fine and six points on their license if caught using their device while driving. 

Councils are soon to be implementing the first iteration of Zero-emission zones, an operation that targets certain streets and roads and applies congestion fees to all non-electric vehicles within the specified zone. We’ll also see the start of further EV (Electric Vehicle) support, as the mandatory installation of EV charging stations/ports in all newly built homes and businesses is introduced.

All of these changes could take effect as soon as February 2022, kicking off the year with a safe and sustainable start.

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