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National Highways have sponsored an innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging system that could be the world’s greenest solution while delivering up to 40% savings for EV drivers. 

Start-up energy company, Cheesecake Energy Ltd (CEL), says its ‘eTanker’ battery could speed up electric car charging while also protecting the grid from a potential overload.

The battery is both a green and a low-cost solution as its materials are repurposed from ex-service Volvo truck engines. 

The technology works by heating and compressing air before storing it in a tank containing 20 tonnes of gravel. When electricity is required, the compressed air and heat are used to turn the Volvo truck engines which drive the electric motors in reverse to generate electricity.

This means there is no need for expensive and rare metals, such as cobalt, that are used in traditional lithium-ion batteries. Not only are these hard to resource, but the process of extraction is detrimental to the environment. 

CEL has announced that their new technology could save drivers up to 40% compared to the current cheapest batteries available on the market. 

Annette Pass, head of innovation at National Highways, commented: “Cheesecake’s project is an excellent example of the changes that are being made to reduce carbon in the transport industry. It also plays a part in National Highway’s net zero carbon plan, which will see a rapid cut in carbon from road construction, maintenance and operations, and supports the transition to zero-emission vehicles.”

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