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Millions of people across England are being encouraged to travel by bus next year, as a new government scheme caps fares at £2.

Over 130 bus operators outside London will be included in the scheme, which will offer low-cost single tickets from 1st January to 31st March 2023. The project has been backed with £60 million in government funding, with large companies such as National Express and Stagecoach taking part.

Passengers will save nearly a third of the average single fare cost (£2.80), while savings could increase for those living in rural areas that often have higher ticket prices of up to £5.

The government estimates that this will take as many as 2 million cars off the road, reducing congestion and emissions across the country, while saving money for commuters. More travellers using buses will also aid the industry in its recovery from the downturn in passengers during the pandemic.

Richard Holden, buses minister, said: “Brits love buses. They’re the most popular form of public transport in England, making up half of all journeys. So we’re investing £60 million to cap single bus fares at £2 to help families, students and commuters and help get people back on the bus.

“The scheme will also take 2 million car journeys off the road and it’s fantastic to see so many bus operators signing up. So, if you’re in Carlisle or Weston-Super-Mare, Birmingham or Doncaster, make sure you hop on the bus and ‘Get Around for £2’ between 1 January and 31 March.”

The plan is part of the government’s wider Help for Households campaign, which aims to support residents struggling with the cost of living crisis.

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