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Aggregate Industries has finished a new Foamix cold recycled bitumen-bound material trial, which is a big step toward a ‘carbon negative’ asphalt solution. 

The trial took place on the M65 slip road, in partnership with Lancashire County Council. Thanks to the new Foamix product and the use of onsite mobile plant production and installation, the asphalt solution was delivered with net zero cradle-to-gate embodied carbon emissions, without the use of carbon offsetting.

Aggregate Industries, which is the manufacturer and supplier of many sustainable construction and building materials, stated that the achievement aligns with its goal of increasing the use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) by 60% across asphalt products. 

It also stated that it is possible to achieve a negative carbon footprint on projects if onsite planings are reused, along with the right materials and procedures. This could pave the way for carbon-negative asphalt all across the UK. 

Thomas Edgcumbe, managing director of Aggregate Industries Surfacing Solutions, said: “This sets a new standard for sustainable construction materials, with the use of onsite production and high percentage of RAP, allowing us to build a circular economy.”

The firm assured that their Foamix Eco material can be used with their SuperLow Carbon asphalt to deliver ultra-low carbon pavement. This would help spread sustainability solutions beyond just roads. 

Paul Binks, highways asset manager for Lancashire County Council, said: “As part of our ongoing drive to reduce carbon across our highway network; recycling of our existing roads back into new roads has always been one of our main drivers.

“The Foamix supplied by Aggregate Industries is being used successfully throughout the county and this latest innovation is the next generation, which will see a further reduction of carbon emissions across the network.”

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