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As electric-powered vehicles become more popular throughout the UK, there have been calls for more charging points on our roads. In response, the supermarket chain Lidl has revealed big plans to provide customers with affordable charging points, so they can recharge their vehicles while they shop.

The store has announced a £25 million plan which will see over 300 of its stores across England, Scotland and Wales fitted with rapid charging points within the next three years. Currently, they have 40 stores in the UK with charging points which have powered vehicles for over 6.9 million EV miles. Prices of the rapid charge points will start at 23p per kWh.

Ingo Fischer, Chief Officer and Executive Board Member of Lidl, has stated: “Not only will our customers be able to charge their electric cars in 50 mins – less time than it takes to do a big shop – they will be able to do it for the best price on the market. It is our hope that, through this significant investment, we will enable easier access to charging points, ultimately helping more households switch to electric vehicles.”

Fischer also added that Lidl is committed to tackling the environmental concerns their customers care most about, while giving them access to solutions that will “support them in their ambition to lead more sustainable lives.”

Pod Point operate the charging points, which can charge electric vehicles up to 80% in 50 minutes, making them ideal for shoppers. These points can be used by shoppers when they download the Open Charge mobile app and you can also find out which stores have charge points using online maps.

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