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Road Safety Week (RSW) will run from the 15th to the 21st of November 2021. The event is organised by Brake, a UK-based charity dedicated to road safety.

Road and vehicular-related accidents are the number one cause of casualties among young people and children in the UK. Brake intends to use RSW to better educate children and adult road users about the dangers, aiming to improve safety on the nation’s roads.

Schools, organisations and companies alike can take part in Road Safety Week through road awareness events, demonstrations and organised talks. Communities can register online with Brake and receive an information pack to help run their own road safety activities.

Primary and junior school teachers are being encouraged to dedicate classes to educating children on how to safely cross a road, as well as how to use crossings and traffic lights properly. Similarly, secondary schools could provide seminars for student cyclists on better ways to be seen in the dark.

Road Safety Week is also a prime time for the Metropolitan Police to reach out to road users. They often perform more speed checks and ensure motorists are keeping their vehicles properly maintained. The police also try to provide drivers with advice on how to ensure a safe journey for themselves and other road users, specifically targeting speeding and drowsy driving. 

Inspector Carl McNulty of the Merseyside Metropolitan Roads Policing Unit said: “We carry out enforcement on our roads on a daily basis and we hope that this week raises awareness and encourages people to think about their actions and the devastating effect they can have on others.”

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