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A new initiative has been launched across Britain which aims to educate parents and carers about the correct use of child seats in cars, totally free of charge. The company Car Seat Libraries UK hosts information sessions, with the aim of sharing knowledge and improving road safety, especially for children and families.

Kat Gemmell founded Car Seat Libraries UK in 2019 and has previously participated in national campaigns to raise awareness about safety measures on the road, using social media and the local press to advertise the benefits of this service. 

Using Gemmell’s experience and knowledge, the company now runs three-hour sessions where members of the public can go and learn about the different types of car seats which benefit their child(ren)’s safety. Parents will then be shown how each one can be fitted correctly into a vehicle, with the opportunity to try each seat out in their own car, too. 

Each session is hosted by at least two experts who are IOSH certified and they are free for anyone to attend. These events are held at local libraries, especially prominent in areas without retail shops or other community spaces. This consequently makes knowledge about safety when driving with children more accessible for everyone, no matter where they might live in the UK. 

Car Seat Libraries UK does not sell any car seats at their sessions, but give “impartial advice” on which one is best suited to each person and the vehicle they own. This way, parents can talk to experts who are only concerned with road safety and parent/child wellbeing, rather than trying to simply sell them products. 

After purchasing a car seat, parents can always return to one of the sessions and get it fitted in their car by the experts, which ensures it has been fixed to the car correctly.

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