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MPs from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking (APPGCW) have proposed numerous driving law changes to improve safety for all road users.

Various suggestions have been put forward, including some “ambitious” but “feasible” submissions, as well as other “relatively uncontroversial” ideas that could be turned around reasonably quickly.

One primary proposition from the APPG is to escalate how drivers are penalised for repeat driving offences. The group advocates introducing more stringent penalties for motorists who repeatedly offend, including vehicle confiscations, fines, possible bans and custodial sentences.

The group also recommends implementing compulsory re-testing for drivers who wish to return to the road after having been disqualified. The Road Justice report declares: “Many traffic offences are committed by people who are not competent to drive. A generous explanation is that it is some time since they passed their test and certain crucial lessons have been forgotten.

“If so, re-testing is a suitable response, as it will enable those lessons to be re-learnt and establish whether the individual is fit to continue driving. In the case of those who habitually drive badly, re-testing can prove a highly effective way of keeping them off the roads, protecting other road users in the process.”

According to police data from 2014 to 2017, 47 per cent of motorists convicted of driving while disqualified had already been sentenced at least once prior for the same offence, while 30 per cent had been convicted two or more times.

In addition, parliamentarians from the group for cycling and walking have called for police forces to undertake consistent, rigorous investigations when severe collisions occur on the road, as well as for a “very extensive and ongoing” campaign that communicates the recent changes that have been made to the Highway Code.

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