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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has responded to the recent shortage of lorry drivers with plans to recruit an additional 40 vocational driving examiners. 

The government, along with the UK haulage industry, recently established that an increase in the availability of testing was key to addressing the HGV driver shortage. This meant implementing new measures to provide maximum testing capacity.

The new examiners will be employed from a mix of both external candidates and existing DVSA employees. Plus, the agency is looking to streamline the application process, making it quicker for candidates to obtain an HGV licence. 

There has already been a huge increase in the number of available tests. Before the coronavirus pandemic, around 2,000 tests were undertaken per week. That number has since risen to around 3,000 per week. 

To achieve these higher test numbers, the DVSA has relied on overtime and additional staff. Loveday Ryder, chief executive of the DVSA, said: “We recognise the haulage industry keeps the wheels of our economy turning and have listened to its concerns about the current lorry driver shortage. 

“We have responded by doing all we can to support the industry in tackling this issue through increasing lorry driver testing. This includes our latest campaign to recruit more vocational examiners so we can maximise our lorry testing capacity.”

Meanwhile, Roads Minister Baroness Vere, stated: “Our HGV drivers provide a vital service delivering food, medicine and other vital goods to where they’re needed. That’s why we’re committed to working with the industry to address the shortage of drivers and have unveiled a package of robust measures.

“Increasing the DVSA’s testing capacity is a crucial part of this plan, and I’d encourage anyone with the right experience to apply for a role – helping keep our country moving.”For more road safety updates, make sure to follow our blog. Alternatively, get a free road marking quote from us.