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Cornwall can expect to see some new changes implemented between some of its major towns, with funds being pooled to improve various initiatives, including new cycle paths and habitat and heritage projects.

Highways England and Cornwall Council will be spending £27 million this year throughout Cornwall to help improve road safety for cyclists and walkers, creating networks between Truro and St Agnes, and Perranporth and Newquay.

Vinita Hill, Highways England Designated Funds Director, said: “Highways England is delighted to be partnering with Cornwall Council to realise a number of environmental and cycling projects. Our designated funds programme was developed so that we can invest in projects beyond our traditional road build and maintenance, and this is a glowing example of how this funding can have a positive impact on people and communities.”

This new project will help to restore rare heathland habitat and Bronze Age barrows, reduce flooding and water quality issues, restore historical sites in Chyverton Park, and provide safety and ease of access to residents travelling along these routes.

There will be major changes to improve and build cycle routes, with a £17 million investment from Highways England’s Cycling. Routes from Perranporth to Newquay, St Newlyn East to Carland Cross, Trispen to Idless and St Agnes to Truro will also be created or improved.

Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council Cabinet Portfolio holder for Transport, said: “The routes will complement other cycle routes and trails across Cornwall. The cycle network will reach out to towns and villages and link with where residents live and work, connecting our communities and joining up access to the services that people want and need.”

These improvements will encourage cycling for both commuters and leisure cyclists, promoting  a greener and healthier lifestyle for locals and tourists alike. Creating nature friendly ‘Green Ribs’ will benefit local wildlife, while all of these projects align with the UK’s climate emergency plans, which we can hope to see across the country in the near future.

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