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UK drivers could be forking out millions on avoidable fuel costs due to underinflated tyres. Data from TyreSafe shows that underinflated tyres could leave UK drivers shelling out between £600 million and £1 billion on unnecessary fuel expenses.

It’s been discovered that one in five drivers have never checked their tyres, leading to further costs, with this number increasing to one in three young drivers.

October is National Tyre Safety Month. Organised by TyreSafe, their ‘Safe and Save’ campaign for this awareness-raising month encourages drivers to check the tread depth, condition and air pressure of their tyres at least once a month. It’s also encouraged that drivers check these before setting off on long journeys.

Driving with underinflated tyres speeds up the rate at which tyres wear, and in turn, increases the risk of incidents occurring. Further to this, motorists’ wallets are feeling the burden of rarely checked tyres.

TyreSafe also recommends drivers purchase new tyres where possible as the sale of used tyres climbs. Despite costing less, used tyres will inevitably need replacing sooner than if they were bought new. This not only has a financial impact but wastes a lot of time and effort. 

Head of Essex Roads Policing, Adam Pipe, said: “Tyres that are bald or underinflated cause the vehicle to cost more to run, but more importantly, could potentially contribute to a breakdown, or worse, a collision. A bald patch could cause the tyre to burst open, making it difficult to control the car and bring it to a safe stop.

“If you see any visible bulges in your tyre walls or feel that the steering wheel is pulling to one side, meaning the wheels aren’t aligned, seek professional help and take your vehicle to a garage.”

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