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Soon, Manchester Airport will introduce a greener way to travel to the runway, thanks to a new car-sharing scheme. From the 14th January, car-sharing provider ForestCar will begin making changes to the way people park at Manchester Airport.

ForestCar aims to reduce pollution and improve air quality by using 10% of the car-sharing profits to improve rainforests by planting new trees.

So, how does this new way of driving work? Visitors at Manchester Airport who choose to car-share with ForestCar are offered free airport parking, as well as a car cleaning service in exchange for access to rent the owner’s vehicle while they are on holiday.

Essentially, travellers make money from renting out their vehicle while travelling abroad and return to a freshly cleaned car, as well as a free airport transfer.

ForestCar wants to ensure travellers feel safe and secure with leaving their car behind at the airport, and renting it out to other drivers. Cars are fitted with specialised telematic devices so that ForestCar can keep track of each car, where it is and how it is being driven. This added benefit also means that the company can keep an eye on renters who are disobeying company rules and driving irresponsibly.

ForestCar CEO, Charlie Palmer said: “By making car-sharing safe, we’re allowing airport visitors to turn car parking cost into income, whilst also benefiting the environment.

“At ForestCar, we don’t just want to disrupt the rental industry, we want to use sharing as a force for tackling climate change. We want to create a global community of travellers who share their cars and help restore rainforests.”

The net impact of ForestCar, will be fewer cars in society, more trees in tropical rainforests, and less CO2 choking up the atmosphere.”