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West Yorkshire has been named the worst area in Britain for speeding, according to a new Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the nation’s police forces. The region received the most speeding penalties by far, with a total of 224,160 tickets issued in 12 months.

Most of the tickets were from fixed speeding cameras, while just 3,615 were given out directly to drivers by police officers. The research also revealed that Bradford ranked first for the highest number of points accumulated on driving licences.

The top ten speeding hotspots are listed below:

  1. West Yorkshire – 224,160
  2. Avon and Somerset – 173,428
  3. Thames Valley – 151,501
  4. West Midlands – 95,093
  5. Surrey – 87,270
  6. Bedfordshire – 69,818
  7. South Yorkshire – 67,255
  8. Hampshire – 62,514
  9. Lincolnshire – 59,525
  10. Hertfordshire – 53,627

Avon and Somerset, Thames Valley, and the West Midlands also appeared in the top five speeding capitals, with Avon and Somerset dishing out 50,732 fewer tickets than West Yorkshire.

The information was gathered from January 2021 to January 2022 but only contains data from 23 of the country’s 44 police forces. The remaining forces did not respond to the request (which was submitted by Heald, a vehicle mitigation system operator), meaning the report does not offer a comprehensive representation of Britain’s roads.

Concerningly, the research also found that someone is fatally or seriously injured on Britain’s roads every 16 minutes. The Metropolitan police say that speeding was a contributing factor in 19% of deaths, highlighting the dangers of speeding and poor road safety.

However, Britain’s safest areas for speeding were also revealed. The FOI request data showed that South Wales (4,455), Sussex (3,071), Wiltshire (2,059), Merseyside (2,035), and Durham (693) all had fewer than 5,000 speeding tickets issued in the year.

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