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National Highways is progressing on its promise to deliver 150 new smart motorway emergency areas (EAs) by 2025. It is pushing to meet its target by announcing plans to install 52 new EAs in the South East by next year. 

The government-owned company assured that progress has been made in designing and delivering the programme, after it committed to building over 150 EAs across the UK in January 2022.

Work is set to begin this month on sections of the M25 within Hertfordshire and Essex. However, National Highways didn’t provide a completion date or any updates on the 2025 target date.

As it stands, National Highways has confirmed that only 13 new EAs have been completed, but 22 EAs are underway on the M1 in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, and 22 on the M6 in Cheshire. Work is also expected to begin on a further 54 EAs on the M1 and M5 within the Midlands, with an estimated completion date of spring 2025.

In its latest statement, National Highways announced new EAs on various points of the M25, as well as work set to start on the M20, M3 and M4 in late April and early May, and on the M27 later in the summer.

Felicity Clayton, the project sponsor, said: “Safety is our highest priority and we have listened to drivers’ concerns about having more places to stop in an emergency on motorways which don’t have a permanent hard shoulder.

“This is part of the Government’s £900m investment in further safety improvements on existing smart motorways, which includes adding 150 emergency areas across the network and giving motorists clear advice when using smart motorways to boost public confidence.”

National Highways said lane one would be closed throughout the construction of these EAs, with a 50mph speed limit in place.

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