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A number of new road laws are set to be introduced this year which could impact motorists in several ways. These include new parking restrictions, low emission rules and a ‘graduate drivers license’ which would impose restrictions on new drivers.

One of the major changes affects how we will be able to travel around Europe. In the wake of Brexit, government guidance has said that in a no-deal situation, British drivers will have to buy an international permit to drive in the EU. A motor insurance green card will also be necessary if you are driving your own car.

On British roads, drivers may be instructed to give way to cyclists and pedestrians when turning left, providing clarity to the current Highway Code. Plus, new drivers will now be allowed to use motorways as part of their driving lessons with an instructor, rather than only after they have passed.

However, if the Government decides to introduce graduated driving licenses, new drivers will immediately be subject to extra restrictions as soon as they pass. These restrictions could include limits on the number of passengers they can carry, as well as the times of day they can drive.

In addition, car tax is set to increase, with owners of high emission vehicles paying an additional fee and new car buyers potentially being given an extra charge. There have also been new categories and requirements introduced within MOT’s, including under-inflated tyres and missing brake pads or discs.

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