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Passenger wearing seatbelt - Pexels

In a bid to improve road safety, Police Scotland’s Road Policing Unit has launched a new campaign emphasising the benefits of wearing a seatbelt. 

The campaign, which will run until Sunday the 13th of June, is encouraging you to fasten your seatbelts when travelling. The police’s message is clear: regardless of what vehicle motorists choose to drive, a seatbelt should be worn at all times.

This rule applies to everyone; whether you are driving a vehicle yourself or travelling as a passenger, you need to be fastened in. There are certain exceptions for wearing a seatbelt on a bus or coach, but if one is available to you, it is strongly advised that you always use it.

Unsurprisingly, there are countless dangers associated with not using a safety belt. Whereas, wearing one can significantly reduce and even prevent the risk of injuries occurring.

Superintendent Simon Bradshaw stated that: “Failing to wear a seatbelt is a significant factor in fatal and serious injury collisions and the evidence is clear that seatbelts save lives. This is why we take this matter so seriously.

“Police Scotland works closely with road safety partners to highlight the importance of wearing a seatbelt, however, we cannot do this alone, and would urge drivers and passengers to take responsibility and wear a seatbelt whilst the vehicle is in motion.

“We are keen to interact with drivers and passengers through education, but where necessary, enforcement action will be taken.”

It is hoped that this current campaign will provide an increase in seatbelt usage and reduce the number of both drivers and passengers taking risks on the roads.

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