Fast fines introduced for speedy drivers

Police chiefs are currently reviewing the existing ‘buffer zone’ for speeding on UK motorways, a clause which allows motorists to go over the speed limit, without facing consequences like speeding fines and licence points.

The ‘buffer zone’ allows motorists to drive to up to 34 mph without being fined or punished …Read More

Durham’s losing the pot

The number of claims for damages caused by potholes in County Durham has seen a dramatic decline.

Five years ago, Durham County Council received almost 500 pothole damage claims, whereas last year they received just 78, only six of which were successful. The council paid a total of over £570,000 to …Read More

The Highway Code: Rules or laws?

When first learning to drive, along with your driving instructor’s help, The Highway Code is your go-to, teaching you everything you need to know about driving and road safety.

The Highway Code actually acts as a rulebook for drivers, yet surprisingly, it is not a legalised document. Drivers can however be …Read More