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There were red faces on the holey streets of Michigan this week, when a highway maintenance team filling potholes managed to park their truck directly on top of one.

A photo of the mishap was posted to much mirth on Reddit by user khellendros98, who wrote: “Welcome to Michigan. Where the pothole repair crews get stuck in potholes.”

Detroit’s economic woes have taken their toll on road upkeep, with its state of Michigan’s streets now being notorious for their potholes.

The Detroit News recently claimed that they are giving a bad first impression to visitors, which doesn’t help at a time when the city is trying to attract investors.

“The condition of the roads always comes up,” said Doug Rothwell, chief executive of Business Leaders for Michigan. “In truth, all northern states are having trouble this winter with their roads. But it is worse in Michigan.”

He added that the state’s crumbling infrastructure is a “red flag”, claiming “it makes them wonder about the state’s commitment to take care of itself.”