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Since April 2015, unmarked HGV police lorries have caught 4,000 dangerous drivers on camera committing serious driving offences. Police officers have cleverly parked the unmarked lorries in different locations across England over the past two years to film various instances of dangerous driving, in order to clamp down on reckless drivers.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council said that the HGV is “…an important element of our intelligence-led operations against dangerous driving.”

Police recordings showed different instances of unsafe driving from UK motorists; in fact, one driver in Devon was pulled over by Cornwall police for sending 10 text messages in one hour while being in control of his vehicle.

Around two thirds of motorists texting while driving were pulled over by police officers, after failing to comply with safe driving laws. Other dangerous driving offences included speeding, lack of vehicle control (i.e. eating at the wheel) and failure to use a seat belt.

As technology has developed, drivers’ urges to use their phones behind the wheel has certainly increased, but is a life-threatening offence that police are constantly trying to monitor and punish. Using the HGV lorries allow police to catch dangerous drivers who fail to drive safely, whether this is by using their mobile phones at the wheel or driving without full control of the vehicle.

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, NPCC lead for roads policing, commented: “People have to think about the consequences of their actions. A moment’s distraction can change innocent lives. It is never a risk worth taking.”

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