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New RAC figures have revealed that vehicle breakdowns have continued to rise as a result of pothole damages.

It is reported that 2,830 members of the RAC experienced a vehicle breakdown in 2017, compared to 2,547 in 2016.The latest figures reveal a surge in pothole-related breakdowns, with damages ranging from distorted wheels and broken suspension springs, to damaged shock absorbers.

How do potholes and patches affect driving?

  • Smooth driving is compromised
  • Unfilled potholes can cause instant damage to your car’s tyres and even your windscreen, due to the sudden dip in the road’s surface
  • Slower driving is required on roads where potholes are ahead
  • A car may need to suddenly slow down and then pick speed back up, which releases harsher fuel emissions, contributing to air pollution

Wet and frosty weather conditions also have a huge impact on road surfaces, consequently leading to potholes forming and a further need for pothole repair.

The RAC’s chief engineer, David Bizley, said: “After several years in which the surface quality of our roads appeared to be improving, the latest analysis of RAC breakdown data suggests that for the third successive quarter we have gone backwards.

“The higher rainfall in the last quarter compared to 2016 and the snowy and icy conditions that much of the country experienced into December are likely to be significant factors.”

Mr Bizley went on to discuss the changes he wants to see as a result of these new findings: “We want to see local authorities given the certainty of ring-fenced, long-term funding from central government sufficient to enable local authorities to bring all of the UK’s roads up to a standard that is fit-for purpose.”

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