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Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has outlined the government’s vision for the road network and wants the industry to have the right people, with the right skills to implement its £24bn investment plan.

New technology, better infrastructure and reforming how roads are maintained in the future was at the heart of his speech to the construction industry last week.

Outlining the government’s vision for the road network at the New Civil Engineer’s conference, the Transport Secretary set out how congestion and pollution can be tackled in the future. He made clear that building new roads is not always the right solution to cutting congestion but about thinking differently, using better data on traffic flow, and making targeted road improvements to better roads for motorists.

McLoughlin also set out how the government’s commitment to tripling the amount spent on road improvements to over £3 billion a year by 2021 was also essential for an efficient future road network. The reformation of the Highways Agency into a government-owned company is predicted to save at least £2.4bn over the next 10 years, which along with secure government funding will help to put an end to stop-start investment and strengthen England’s road network.

He also called on the industry to make sure they have their say and said it was vital that we have the right people, with the right skills to implement the government’s £24bn investment plan for the road network.

McLoughlin said: We need more skilled workers. You are the experts and understand how fast the road landscape is changing. We want to hear from you and how together we can make things better.

Later this year the Department for Transport will publish a long-term roads investment strategy to support the government’s economic ambitions for the road network. The strategy will set out a clear vision for the reform of the Highways Agency and include a new five-year plan for future road investment.