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A number of transport bodies have sent a joint letter to the chair of the Commons Transport Committee, Lilian Greenwood, warning of the impact that the lack of funding for local road maintenance will have.

The letter stated that the current underfunding of local roads will have an impact on them for generations to come. The current level of funding has left local roads across the country in a state of disrepair, as local authorities are unable to carry out the necessary maintenance work to ensure they remain up to standard.

The UK currently has a significant backlog of maintenance work and repairs for local roads and the transport bodies have warned in their letter that this will continue to build up if local authorities don’t get more funding. They went on to say that key elements of the transport infrastructure, such as carriageways, lighting and drainage will be “less serviceable” in the future because of this.

The Commons Transport Committee is currently in the midst of carrying out an inquiry into the funding and governance of England’s local roads. The inquiry was launched in light of news that the number of repairs to local roads had seen a significant drop due to a lack of funds, raising concerns for the safety of road users.

A number of transport bodies contributed to the letter. It was sent by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, but other organisations involved include the Institute of Highway Engineers, ADEPT and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association.

The organisations also expressed in the letter that they were frustrated by the decisions that local authorities are having to make because of a lack of funding. They said that local authorities “…should not be forced into a trade-off between funding local roads and other vital services such as adult social care or children’s services.”