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Source: Nellis Air Force Base

In the summer months, there is a rise in the number of vehicles travelling, and pedestrians crossing, UK roads. This is due to a number of factors, such as families taking trips out during the summer holidays. Summer is also peak season for learner drivers. However, this high level of traffic means there is an increased need for road safety because if there are more vehicles on the road, there is a higher risk of road accidents occurring.

As a leading road marking company, Anglo Liners provide high-quality road marking services to sustain and improve road safety on motorways and roads across the UK. So, we have rounded up five safe summer driving tips for you to follow, to help you plan and prepare for any road safety issues that may come your way this summer.

  1. Take extra care and be cautious of cyclists and pedestrians on the road. There is an increase in vulnerable road users when the weather is hot, because those who may usually travel by car, prefer to walk/cycle to their chosen destination.
  2. The sunnier it is, the more road traffic there is likely to be, as people venture outside for day trips to the local beach, parks etc. Plan your journeys before you set off and take into account there may be more congestion than usual, traffic delays etc.
  3. Stay hydrated; dehydration, caused by warmer temperatures, leads to exhaustion and it is imperative that you are alert at all times while driving. On main roads, tired drivers are responsible for 20% of road accidents, so ensure you have a soft drink to hand in your car and prepare to stop off at service stations more regularly in the summer months.
  4. Avoid consuming alcoholic ice lollies. You wouldn’t drink and drive, so consider this before indulging in a mojito flavoured treat on your summer break.
  5. If you’re a glasses wearer, invest in prescribed sunglasses to prevent the sun from obstructing your vision when driving. It’s crucial you prepare for the weather, which can interfere with driving if the right precautions are not taken.