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Driving on a motorway

Plans have emerged that England will be increasing road speed limits on motorway roads that carry out roadwork repairs, in a new bid to ease congestion and prevent ongoing delays caused by bumper-to-bumper traffic.

What’s the current speed limit on motorway roadworks?

Currently, the speed limit on a motorway is 50mph (80km/h), when roadworks are being carried out. This is now set to increase to 60mph to control congestion levels and could be effective as of this year. However, unions are opposed to this new change, and have aired their concerns surrounding the safety of road maintenance workers if and when this change takes place.

The advantages of increased motorway speed limits

The idea to raise speed limits comes after concerns over increased motorway congestion levels. Therefore, changing the speed limits on such roads to 60mph is likely to ease congestion and, as a result, lower pollution levels.

The dangers of roadwork speed limits being changed

Road workers who spend hours, or even days, making necessary repairs to UK motorways are at risk if new motorway speed limits are increased. Although repairs are vital, and part of their working title, much like the workers here at Anglo Liners, road workers will face serious safety risks if motorway speeds are increased.

A spokesperson for trade union, Unite, which represents UK road workers, commented on the newly proposed road speed limits: “Sadly, in recent years there have been several deaths of motorway workers and these changes will make their work even more dangerous.

“Already motorists frequently drive into coned-off areas. At increased speeds, it will make such potentially lethal accidents even more common.”

The union also commented on how roadworkers “…work in already very dangerous conditions” and therefore, should not be exposed to further dangers as a result of higher speed limits.

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