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The road charity Brake has urged the government to follow in the footsteps of the EU with regards to implementing national road safety targets.

It appears the UK is lagging behind; in fact, the only countries to achieve a lower performance for improvement in road fatalities were Malta, Sweden and Lithuania.

The EU has a target to reduce road deaths by 50%, by 2020, something that may be unachievable if the UK doesn’t start taking action to improve road safety. Therefore, Brake is pressing the government to make a change after the recent report by the European Transport Safety Council.

The recent report from the European Transport Safety Council states that from 2010, deaths on the road have only fallen by 1.4%. Shockingly, the report revealed that last year the number of road deaths had actually risen, increasing by 4%. It’s important to tackle this problem, since road safety is such a crucial system to improve and so easy to resolve, with the right ideas and strategies put in place.

Joshua Harris, Director of Campaigns for Brake, said: “We take for granted that the UK has some of the safest roads in the EU but this report should act as a wake-up call to the government. Progress on road safety in the UK has stagnated in recent years and urgent action is required to remedy this.

“We urge the UK to follow the EU’s lead and implement national road safety targets, to reignite progress on road safety and strive towards a vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.”

Since 2010, the average reduction across the EU for road deaths has totalled 3.4%, unlike the UK. Brake has acknowledged the efforts UK councils have made to improve road safety, but feel further action needs to be taken to improve fatalities on the road.

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