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Road Safety Week returns again to the UK this November, organised by road safety charity, Brake.

The safety awareness week will begin on the 20th of November and will run until the 26th.

Every year, Brake create a different theme to focus their campaign on in order to improve road safety. This year’s theme has been announced as ‘Speed Down Save Lives’. Different events will be happening over this time period, to raise awareness and highlight key issues that currently jeopardise road safety every day in the UK.

Brake actively encourage drivers to swap their short car journeys for a ride on public transport, or travelling on foot. However, Brake are well aware that a lot of people will still choose to drive, even if this is just to visit the corner shop. So, they encourage those who do continue to drive anywhere and everywhere to think about their driving and the safety implications they can cause if they don’t follow the slow, sober, secure, silent, sharp and sustainable pledge.


Speed is the main cause of road accidents in the UK and, though obvious, many motorists still sail through main roads, A roads and motorways with total ignorance to the speed limit signs.


Don’t make any excuses – drink sober, always. Drinking or taking drugs before or while driving is a serious offence and puts yourself and others at serious risk of a road accident.

Or, if you are getting a lift from a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or member or your family after an event involving alcohol, assess the situation. If you’ve noticed someone drinking around you and taking to the wheel, avoid getting in a car with them and discourage them from driving home as best you can.


Ensure you and all passengers are always safely strapped in before setting off; you don’t want to responsible if an accident occurred and injuries were caused as a result of unfastened seatbelts.


If your phone is beeping away while driving, alerting you about new messages, missed calls or social media notifications, ignore them when behind the wheel. Better yet, switch it off before you start driving. The less distractions while driving the better, and there is no excuse for texting or talking on your mobile while driving.


Keep your perceptions sharp for a safer drive. If you are feeling ill, hazy or tired, consider how much this will affect your ability to concentrate on the road. Take regular breaks, that’s what service stations are for, after all.


Aim to drive less. If you live on or near a bus route, next to a train station or own a bike, swap driving for riding.

Prove to yourself and others that you are the safe driver everyone wants to encounter on the road; make your road safety pledge online, here.


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