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Road safety charity, Brake, is invested in protecting motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, continually working to combat road safety issues and prevent collisions and fatalities in any way they can. That’s why the road safety charity organises motoring events each year, to create further awareness surrounding driver safety.

As well as its principal focus on cars, Brake is now giving haulage vehicle drivers and campaigners the opportunity to educate and speak out at the official Fleet Safety Conference, held in Birmingham, this year.

The event will focus on transport fleets facing the future and where they will stand in years to come, especially with the excellent new and vast technology we will have access to.

Electric vehicles will be a main point of focus at the event, as well as the changes they have created for the freight transport industry. Talks of delivery vans and vehicles driving their ‘final mile’ have been circling the news for some time, an intriguing topic which will be up for much discussion at the event.

The aim of the conference is to get mixed opinions out there from vehicle fleet drivers, with regards to new technology and changed routes for truck, van and car drivers.

Ross Moorlock, Business Development Director for Brake, said: “We are delighted to announce such a strong line-up of speakers for this year’s conference. Every year, we bring together leading fleet professionals who are pioneering safety measures in the industry, and I’d urge anyone responsible for managing at-work drivers to take advantage of this excellent networking opportunity.”

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