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In 2015, 22 pedestrians were killed by people using their mobile phones while driving, and 99 others were seriously injured.

With five-million motorists admitting to taking photos and/or videos on their phones while driving, road safety organisations are constantly on the hunt to find new ways to discourage motorists from using their phones when behind the wheel. Now, a series of road safety charities have teamed up to push phone developers to include a ‘driving mode’ that would feature on every mobile phone available.

The charity Brake and the RAC’s ‘Be Phone Smart’ campaign have teamed up with RED Driving School, Road Safety GB, RoadPeace, the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety and Hove City Council, to raise awareness on how a ‘driving mode’ should be featured on every phone available on the market.

The art of safe driving is concentrating and planning ahead, which you simply cannot do if you are using a mobile phone while driving. The new technology, already adopted by Apple, recognises when a driver is parked up or travelling by using GPS signal. Much like the ‘aeroplane mode’ feature, the ‘driving mode’ shuts off all active apps and blocks incoming texts and phone calls. It has been created to block out distractions that tempt drivers to use their phone when they are behind the wheel.

Despite it being illegal to drive while using a mobile phone, many motorists still proceed to take this dangerous risk on a daily basis. Using a phone while driving incurs serious consequences. In fact, if you are caught using your mobile phone while driving, you receive a £200 fine as well as 6 penalty points on your driving licence. This is not only costly at the time, but forever after; your car insurance will rapidly rise once you have been issued this number of penalty points. Therefore, the ‘driving mode’ would help prevent accidents caused by motorists who risk using their mobile phones while driving.