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Each year, hazy vision contributes towards many major road accidents, simply because many drivers are unaware of their need to wear glasses or contact lenses while driving. Vision Express and RED driving school have announced their recent collaboration to take action, with an aim to combat road accidents and reduce the number of road collisions that occur as a result of poor vision.

The innovative partnership will see over 100,000 learner drivers receiving free eye tests, as well as reduced vision care, in a bid to improve UK road safety and prevent major road accidents from occurring.

Currently for a learner driver, the only ‘test’ they will endure in order to judge their vision on the road is successfully reading a number plate 20 meters away on the practical driving test. Even so, many learner drivers go on to successfully pass their test but unknowingly drive with distorted vision of the road ahead. Many drivers who passed their test before this precaution was introduced are often unaware of their inability to see properly behind the wheel. In fact, it’s reported that, on estimate, five-million drivers in the UK would fail this simple driving procedure if they were to retake their test today.

These new changes, implemented by RED and Vision Express, will also involve teaching drivers more about their health in relation to driving. This is in an aim to educate road users on the health conditions that can be detected during a routine eye test check-up, such as strokes, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The CEO of Vision Express, Jonathan Lawson, commented: “It is estimated that crashes involving a driver with poor vision cause 2,900 casualties each year, so there is clearly a job to be done to encourage people to get a regular eye test, and learner drivers are crucial because they’re at the very start of their motoring life.

Mr Lawson also added: “Regular eye tests can not only safeguard your sight, but your driving licence too.”

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