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car breakdown

Concerns have arisen about the safety of UK roads after 2017 figures from the RAC reveal a surge in pothole-related breakdowns. Figures, recorded between January and March this year, revealed that 6,500 breakdowns occurred as a result of poor road surfaces, particularly those with potholes. The current state of UK road surfaces has contributed to an increase in vehicle repairs, particularly affecting suspension springs, shock absorbers, alloy wheels and tyre conditions.

Breakdown figures have risen substantially in 2017 by 63%, compared to figures reported in 2016. Pothole damage is already an ongoing concern in regard to road safety. Now, new information has revealed road surface conditions are worse now than in 2015, when an increase in potholes led to road surface deterioration.  The RAC have reported their discontent with the state of current road surfaces, stating that future wet weather conditions will be detrimental to current UK roads.

Local authorities have also aired their concerns that UK roads are in a state of disrepair, with one in six roads throughout England and Wales needing serious attention within the next five years. Reporting pothole damage has, therefore, become more crucial than ever. This is because the process of reporting potholes allows local councils to act quickly and provide pothole repair funding when needed.

The Department for Transport stated: “It is vital councils keep our roads in a good condition to deliver better journeys for drivers.

“We are providing councils with more than £6bn over six years to maintain roads and repair potholes.”