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A new website has been launched by the Dorset Road Safe team to improve road safety in the Dorset area, after it was revealed that there were over 230 serious collisions in the region, in 2017.

The new website allows members of the local community to submit road safety information and updates, to make fellow road users aware of the potential hazards present in the area. This includes the ability to report dangerous drivers and areas in which the local community believe are hotspots for accidents and speeding.

The website also provides information regarding the road safety operations currently being executed by Dorset Police, as well as the areas where speed enforcement vans will be present over the coming weeks. Therefore, the aim of the website is to involve the local community and work with them to improve road safety issues, by allowing them to contribute their opinions and advice, as well as the ability to raise concerns.

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, hopes the new website will help to improve the road safety in the area and consequently reduce the number of collisions on Dorset’s roads.

Mr Underhill says, “In Dorset, road safety is a top concern for many of the residents I represent. Meeting my pledge to transform the Dorset Road Safe website into a centre of excellence for road safety is just one step towards raising awareness of the various schemes that can help keep you and your family safe on Dorset roads.”

The new website also enables users to access historical data, showing the most common roads whereby collisions occur, as well as finding nearby educational courses that the local community can get involved in. Another great feature of the website is that it will be regularly updated with local road safety news and information.

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