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The Mayor of London has given the residents of London a three-month notice on the new changes to toxicity tax. This is in an aim to improve air quality in London, the most heavily polluted area in the UK.

The toxin tax is being implemented in October to discourage diesel vehicle drivers from using their polluting cars for frequent journeys. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, also hopes this new scheme will encourage diesel drivers to select alternative, more environmentally friendly modes of transport to get around.

These new financial changes will officially come into play from the 23rd of October 2017 and will cost drivers £10 a day to travel into London between 7am and 6pm, if their vehicle is registered before 2006. As well as the initial notice, Mr Khan confirms posters will be placed across different London underground tube stations, to raise awareness and notify the London population that tax charges are coming into effect in just three months’ time.

Mr Khan said: “It is a shameful reality that children across the capital are breathing in air so filthy it affects the development of their lungs.

“I want to kick-start the change required to get motorists to ditch their old dirty diesels and polluting petrols.”

With eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric bikes, being introduced as a great, environmentally friendly alternative to driving, the decision to tax diesel vehicles will hopefully make those looking to buy a diesel car think twice.