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The Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) has released a comprehensive guide to cutting highway maintenance costs, the toolkit has been created to help local authorities manage costs more efficiently.

The guide is designed to give practical help and offer examples of achieving sustainable change.

Transport for London’s Director of Roads, Dana Skelley said: Through the new London Highway Alliance Contracts, we have been able to improve efficiencies through more collaborative working across wider geographic areas of London.

By creating the right environment for change, we have been able to provide a better service for our customers, driving forward innovation and efficiencies, which could save TFL and boroughs up to £450 million pounds across the duration of the framework.

This can then be reinvested directly into related services and developments, further improving the road network for all.

The President of the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transportation (ADEPT) Steve Kent said: “Budgets for highways maintenance are going to become tighter and the challenge to maintain or enhance service delivery will not go away.

“There is little doubt that clients will struggle to deal with this problem on their own“ we need to work closely with our providers and partners to achieve success.”

The Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) plans to roll-out the new toolkits through a series of workshops later this year.