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A new and innovative solar powered gate barrier has been introduced to a UK motorway for the first time. The new barrier, situated on the M23, warns drivers of road works ahead and has been implemented to improve public and road worker safety.

The revolutionary gate is positioned before current roadworks on the M23 and acts as an on-site security tracker. Powered entirely by the sun, it features a 4G intercom; allowing easy entry for construction traffic and emergency services, whilst controlling and preventing public road users from accessing designated motorway repair areas.

Road work security is crucial when carrying out repairs on leading motorways and this new solar technology does exactly that by monitoring public access, whilst also keeping security costs down. Green Gate Access Systems are responsible for the new solar barrier on trial at the M23, and began supplying SOSEC safe solution barriers to aid control and safety on important road works carried out in the UK.

Highways Care installed the temporary solar barrier overnight, which stretches across 1,500m of road work on the M23 route. Ben Duncker, Corporate Sales Director for Highway Care comments: “Its purpose is simply to prevent the public accidentally entering a work area on a live motorway and it has performed that role perfectly.”

The trial barrier has proved to be successful in controlling public traffic entry and has been positively reviewed by Highways England for its safety, practicality, and adaptability. The positive response to this new road technology could lead to other solar powered barriers appearing more permanently on our motorways.