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An innovative road monitoring unit is currently being trialled by 200 of Manchester’s most avid cyclists, to help record and resolve road safety issues that bike users face daily. This is the first time a bike light and road condition tracking unit has been trialled in Britain, and will provide useful data and information on cyclist riding conditions.

The aim of the trial is to examine what road issues cyclists encounter the most, using bike light sensors to monitor road surface conditions. The intelligent Northern Ireland developers at See.Sense are responsible for inventing this brilliant modern cycling technology, which will not only change the way we monitor cyclists, but also use the results to identify which problems affect cyclists travelling on busy roads every day.

So, what will the new bike light sensor technology do?

  • Record surface conditions of roads, cycle lanes and paths
  • Use bike’s USB battery to save data to mobile storage ‘cloud’, which will be available to analyse for improvements
  • Help pinpoint dangerous city routes so that key road safety issues can be targeted in the future
  • Transmit data via a BT hub, which will then be studied and analysed by Manchester’s smart city demonstrator, CityVerve.

Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users. Therefore, this new technology will help protect them on busy roads, by recording important safety issues such as dangers involved in approaching junctions and roundabouts, being overtaken by cars and hazards caused by road surfaces and cycle routes and paths.