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Pothole with a car

National Pothole Day is taking place on Thursday 15 January and received wide support from the industry.

The initiative aims to raise public awareness about the pothole problem in Britain. It is being organised by Street Repairs, who have developed an app which enables the public to report information about potholes and road maintenance problems.

Managing director Colin Mahoney said: Many thousands of our followers and supporters have asked us to highlight the seriousness of this major problem, so what better way to produce mass awareness by creating the UK’s very first Pothole Day. I can honestly say that public sentiment is very high in relation to this major issue. More than 87% of reports made by the public to the Street Repairs website relate to potholes.

Members of the public are being encouraged by organisers to send images of potholes to their local councils.

Will Baron, product director at Keysoft Solutions, said: Whilst information from the public about road defects in their area is very useful for councils, highways inspectors still need to go out and assess any potholes reported so they can be prioritised alongside other maintenance strategies, such as surface treatment or even full reconstruction. Our advice is that local authorities need to continue to invest in their own road condition surveys. Modern automated survey techniques provide comprehensive data and when used with evidence-based systems, such as our KeyAsset Highways software, help to prioritise maintenance activities, maximising the return on investment and can often be used to justify further funding.

RAC spokesperson Simon Williams said: Potholes have been a blight on driving in the UK for far too long, and the RAC is pleased to support National Pothole Day and the efforts of Street Repairs to draw further attention to this important issue. Despite promises of further cash to help fix the problem, motorists still suffer from many, many miles of poorly surfaced roads.

Our latest Report on Motoring highlighted that motorists are growing increasingly concerned about the state of the roads, with 41% of those surveyed in 2014 telling us it is a major issue.

We’d encourage motorists to look at the state of their roads and get online on National Pothole Day to let their local authorities know which really need their attention this winter.

Roads campaigner Mark Morrell aka Mr Pothole, The Sun Motors and Halfords Autocentre are also backing National Pothole Day.

The initiative has also received the backing of Meon a product supplier for highways.

The company is supplying West Sussex County Council with materials and some of its staff will accompany contractors to fill in potholes today (15 January 2015).

Meon has produced an infographic that shows the state of the problem (see below).

Labour’s Shadow Roads Minister, Richard Burden MP, commented: Britain faces a national pothole epidemic. A third of local roads are in urgent need of repair. Millions of journeys for motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users are being blighted by potholes and battered roads.

On National Pothole Day people are taking the problem into our own hands. The Street Repairs App will help people report potholes and road problems wreaking havoc in their area and help councils to resolve them. It’s time the government listened and fixed pothole Britain.